I fall..
I cry..
That time
The pain that i felt
it’s barely unbearable..

I was stuck..
I was rejected..
The feeling that kept me breathless
And thought that I wish I have never been born

I have nobody..
I’m lonely..
No one w0uld care for me..
As I believe it was..

But then You came..
Hold me..
Raise me..
Comforting me..
And kept me so I won’t fall no m0re..
It’s Your love that kept me alive..
It’s Your touch that strengthened me up..

I love You so Lord..

Thanks for choosing me..
Thanks for the serenity that You gave me..
Thanks for who I am right now..
Someone that love You so much..
And grateful for being born to this world..
As my pain has washed away
And my tears has gone t0day..
This is the joy that forever would stay..

By:  Lunniey_FOS